Your guide to caregiver benefits

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73% of all employees are also caregivers, however only 26% of employers offer programs to help these employees. The balancing act of caring for loved ones at home and working can lead to lost productivity, absenteeism, poor work-life balance, and turnover.  Learn how to attract and retain talent by supporting your employees in the way they need it the most.

Attract and retain

The disruptive effects of the pandemic have only heightened the need for caregiver support—many employees had to leave the workplace due to family responsibilities. For those ready to return to work, caregiver benefits can make all the difference.

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What you'll learn

Understand the prevalence of caregivers in the workforce, and how the pandemic has heightened the need for caregiver support.
Identify the impacts of caregiving on employees and employers, and the importance of addressing caregiver needs.
Learn how to support employee caregivers through enacting cultural change and selecting the best family support benefits.