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Improving lives and health outcomes

The power of companion care for older members

The number of Americans over the age of 65 is climbing rapidly and the vast majority of older adults hope to age in place, but many don't have the social support to do so. We have a proven solution!

Click below to listen to our on-demand webinar featuring CEO of Papa Andrew Parker and Florida Blue Medicare president Kathy Feeny. In it, they discuss how adding companion care as a supplemental benefit significantly improved health outcomes for members—resulting in a huge ROI for the health plan and a better quality of life for members!

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I think our most important service/benefit, whatever you want to label it, is our companion care and the Papa Pals

Kathy Feeny · President of Florida Blue Medicare
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“Papa Pals are really unique, because the value they bring is really several fold. We’re a great marketing and retention benefit, we’re a great benefit to reduce total cost of care, we also close social and clinical gaps.”

Andrew Parker · Founder and CEO of Papa

Key takeaways

Discover how addressing Social Determinants of Health, including loneliness, can improve health outcomes and deliver an ROI.

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Trends in aging

Learn about the benefits of helping older adults age in place, and the rising needs for caregivers
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Innovative health services

Hear how an industry leader is offering unique benefits to help older adults stay in their homes
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Solutions for varied needs

Find out how companion care services address a variety of the health needs of older adults
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How to achieve an ROI

Discover how health plans are improving outcomes and achieving an ROI with companion care services

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Listen in and find out how you can help your older members stay healthy and happy.