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Reducing SDoH Disparities in Medicaid with Social Support Solutions

By providing personalized care that meets people where they are, Medicaid plans are able to effectively and creatively address social drivers of health.

 In this webinar, discover how Meridian—a Michigan-based provider of government-sponsored health plans—brought true human care to its members through a partnership with Papa, and improved health outcomes and reduced costs while doing it.

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Dr. Kay Judge-meridian

"What can we do to start chipping away and address this not from the symptom, which is ill health, but maybe the problem, which is loneliness?"

Dr. Kay Judge · Chief Medical Officer at Meridian
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"Social support is a core component that can really change peoples health trajectories—we've seen it in the results you see today"

Dr. Ellen Rudy · VP of Health and Social Impacts of Papa

Key takeaways

Discover how addressing Social Drivers of Health, including loneliness, can improve health outcomes and deliver an ROI.

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The significant impact SDoH, including loneliness and social isolation, have on health outcomes
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The health risks for underserved populations experiencing loneliness and other social needs, and solutions that address these risks
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The results from an innovative partnership highlighting the positive impacts of social support
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How social support solutions can drive health equity, improve well-being, and add value to MCOs

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Listen in and find out how you can promote health equity and address SDoH disparities.