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Using data to evaluate the effectiveness of supplemental benefits

Which supplemental benefits should you invest in? And how do you compare them, using unbiased, data-driven approaches to evaluate their effectiveness?



Key takeaways

This on-demand webinar explores how payers and vendors can work together to share data and measure effectiveness in an unbiased, iterative fashion to optimize benefit design, and why loneliness and SDoH solutions might be your next best investment.

The triple aim of improved health, patient experience, and lower costs
Measuring ROI with modeling, claims, and randomized controlled studies
Creating data-based models for unbiased industry collaboration
The impact of Social Determinants of Health on patients
Why loneliness and SDoH solutions might be your next, best investment
How the Papa Social Index measures quality of life improvements

Meet the speakers

Dr. Rudy HS
Ellen Rudy, PhD VP, Health and Social Impact
Kelsey HS
Kelsey McNamara, MPH Director of Research
Sion HS
Sion Hughes Consultant, Market and Provider Strategy
Wakely Consulting Group, LLC
Tim HS
Tim Murray Director and Senior Consulting Actuary
Wakely Consulting Group, LLC

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