Bringing humanity back to health

Every single person who seeks health care is just that... a person. By looking to care for each person's individual needs, health care providers and health plans can impact the health of individuals, while improving the health of entire communities. 

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hp-featured image-why health plans need to invest in companion care
Why health plans need to invest in companion care
For health plans, companion care can drive cost savings by identifying members’ unmet needs and resolving them before there’s a negative impact on their health. In this guide, learn about the 7 key areas of impact companion care has on ROI.
Improving member lives and health outcomes (1200 × 629 px)
Improving lives and health outcomes
Listen to our on-demand webinar featuring CEO of Papa and President of Florida Blue Medicare. They discuss how adding companion care as a supplemental benefit significantly improved health outcomes for members.
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What's the big deal about companion care?
With a growing number of members seeking a solution—companion care services are becoming a big deal for Medicare Advantage plans looking to differentiate with supplemental benefits, while offering much needed access to vital social support.