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Architect and design researcher Erin Peavey, AIA, illuminates just how big of a role the built environment plays in our social health and wellbeing. In this episode, Erin shares a glimpse into strategies for addressing social connection with the built environment—outlined in the Foundation for Social Connection’s new SOCIAL Framework report that she co-chaired and authored—as well as strategies for designing our own lives for more connection. After all, as Erin puts it, “We are all designers of place. We are all citizens of place.”

Listen in below, and feel free to download The SOCIAL Framework in The Built Environment report here.

About the speaker

Erin K. Peavey, AIA, is an award-winning architect, researcher, and renowned thought leader on the power of the built environment to foster well-being and human connection. Peavey is Vice President at the global design firm, HKS, where she helps integrate research and practice to advance design for health, combat loneliness, and foster resilience across the globe. She is co-lead of the Foundation for Social Connection’s 2024 report on the built environment, an industry scholar with Cornell’s Institute for Healthy Futures, and podcast host of Shared Space. Peavey’s pathbreaking work has been featured on TEDx, BBC Radio 4, Bloomberg, and Psychology Today. 

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