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Kasley Killam, social health and connection expert, shares evidence-backed tips for building connection and improving social health in this special Be a Pal Week episode of Unpacked with Papa. In the spirit of Be a Pal Week, Kasley and Papa’s Senior Director of Research, Kelsey McNamara, MPH, discuss why relationships need to be a public health priority, actions everyday people can take to improve social health for themselves and others, and how these seemingly small acts can lead to major changes in both our lives and communities.


About the speaker

Kasley Killam, MPH, is a Harvard-trained social scientist, award-winning innovator, and leading expert in social health: the dimension of well-being that stems from relationships. Kasley champions social health as an author, strategic advisor, keynote speaker, and founder of Social Health Labs, a national nonprofit that empowers community builders. Drawing from over a decade of studying, sharing, and applying the science of human connection, Kasley is working on her first nonfiction book to be published in 2024 by HarperOne. Her expertise has been featured in major outlets including the New York Times, Scientific American, and Washington Post, and she pens the Social Health Blog for Psychology Today. Explore the Social Health Toolkit and subscribe to Kasley’s newsletter at www.kasleykillam.com.

Kasley Killam

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