Supplemental benefits to address SDoH needs

Improve member health, reduce SDoH disparities, and reduce costs by offering Papa as a supplemental benefit.

Papa Pals provide companion care services and support for everyday needs to Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial health plan members—improving whole health, one personal connection at a time.

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Companion care services

We do what technology alone cannot—provide real human connection and support to address loneliness and other social determinants of health.

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Address gaps

Papa fills a critical need for an aging population, helping more older adults live where and as they choose.

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Create connections

We match members with Papa Pals for in-person or virtual visits, creating vital connections that improve overall health.
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Influence behavior

Papa Pals assist members across generations in making lifestyle adjustments, including engaging with traditional care.
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Lend a hand

We assist with IADLs like light housework, errands, and transportation to improve physical and mental health.
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Support communities

Our Papa Pals span backgrounds, generations, languages, and more to support diverse and underserved populations.
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Mitigate costs

We help members engage with their benefits, reducing care gaps and costs while increasing retention and satisfaction.

Resources for you

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Combating Loneliness and Social Isolation Among Older Adults
Learn about the rise of loneliness in older adults, the associated health impacts, and what health plans can do to address social isolation.
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Proven Strategies to Eliminate Barriers to Care
Health plan leaders share the creative and effective ways they have bolstered member engagement and improved member health. Watch now!
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supplemental Benefits
Hear from the experts on how to use unbiased, data-driven approaches to improve patient health and satisfaction, while lowering costs.

Proven results

We work with clients to measure performance—capturing member-level insights from their own homes, and delivering detailed reporting on utilization, outcomes, satisfaction, and beyond.

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69% of Papa members participating in a randomized controlled study reported a significant reduction in loneliness.
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45% of our members report a meaningful increase in the days they feel physically and mentally well.
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>90% of members credit Papa as a reason for staying with their current health plan.
61% of the CMS star rating measures can be impacted by Papa.

Our technology

Tech has its place, even in services. Our Papa Pals and plan members are supported with their own mobile applications—making it easy to connect, schedule visits, and provide feedback.


Easy to use Papa Care app for members.

Available for iPhone and Android, our Papa Care app makes it simple for employees to schedule and manage at-home or virtual visits, and specify personal, child, or elder care needs.

Intuitive app to empower our Papa Pals.

We use a powerful algorithm to determine the best Papa Pals for your employees and their family members. Our Papa Pal app provides all the information they need to deliver a great experience every time.

Detailed, timely reporting for clients.

Through the Papa Care app and post-visit surveys, we provide reporting on utilization, satisfaction, and outcomes. We even gather employee testimonials, so you know just how much of an impact you’ve made!


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How it Works

Our Papa Pals make thousands of new friends, young and not-so-young, across the country every day. They provide companionship, encouragement, and assistance when, where, and how your people need it. And it all starts with a “hello.”


1. Members sign up by phone with our Care Team.

Available for iPhone and Android, our Papa Care app helps members schedule visits for themselves or loved ones, provide guidance on needs, and more. Don’t worry; we provide offline support as well via telephone!


2. Intuitive app to empower our Papa Pals.

Our iPhone and Android apps ensure Papa Pals have all the information they need to deliver a great experience to your members. Using a powerful algorithm, we match members and Papa Pals based on known health conditions and task requirements—ensuring they’re the perfect fit.

3. Detailed, timely reporting for clients.

Through the apps and post-visit surveys, we ingest member-level data to set objectives for follow-ups, identify gaps and escalation needs, and track performance against goals. We customize reporting dashboards to your organization’s needs.


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Nearly 70 health plans choose Papa to improve quality of life, health, and satisfaction for millions of members nationwide. Differentiate in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial markets with Papa.

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